54 years married…

…and he still looks at her that way.



15 thoughts on “54 years married…

  1. Great photo. Great face. We should all be so lucky as to have someone look at us that way after 54 years of marriage!

  2. A whole year ago?? Wow! And what a year it has been!
    Miss you too! I’m around daily, just don’t always have time to write—usually do the look-and-dash. It will get easier when Peanut decides to nap more regularly.

    And I LOVE this photo…he’s a kind soul isn’t he?

  3. KD- I think the term I would apply is “merry”. I am so glad you pop in gal.

    Jenfera – It was one of those moments playing with the new lens. We were eating dinner, the three of us, Mom was talking and I popped the shot of Dad. When I pull out the camera, they have the same expression they did when I was six, benevolent tolerance. “We really don’t want her to include us in this hobby, yet we must be encouraging.” I used to acquiesce, but now I am determined to “capture the moments.”

    Dad, hope you don’t mind. Love ya!

  4. See Dad, you have now officially garnered more “awe”s than Beau!

    Squee…was it the photo that touched you or the caption…

    Really everyone, I would love to know what you find is the emotion creation here.

  5. It is clearly a combination of the two. If we take the same photo and change the caption to “Can you believe our daughter has a blog?” you look at the picture in a totally different way.

  6. I want to hug him, seriously. I miss my Daddy. He had a wry smile like that too. Such life in that smile. Nice. Does he like scotch?

  7. Shrew, you still have my heart and my scotch. Miss you to pieces girl.

    This photo is absolutely beautiful, not just because of the lighting or the pose… but more because you are such an astoot observer of your world and have the ability to capture your thoughts and your heart in one frame. It didn’t need words for me, but they were eloquent.

    This must be great therapy for you….especially in your line of work. You still get to be the student of human nature and release that artistic side.

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