Should I be worried?

I swear this is exactly how I found this paper!

what, What, WHAT?!!?

6 thoughts on “Should I be worried?

  1. behind the wrapper it contines… “The hidden dangerfield” An article about the illegitimate son of Rodney Dangerfield… It’s been kept under “wraps” for years, and now he’s going public because he just doesn’t feel he’s getting the respect he deserves.

  2. Tojo AND Squee?!? WOOOOO! YEAH!!!!

    Shrew– prophetic? Hidden dangers? Hmmmm.? My tinfoil hat is fitting pretty good ’bout now.

  3. Squee…something about hospitals. It was much more provocative before I knew the whole headline.


    MM – Lay down some Libra dragon headlines!

  4. Newsflash —
    Jordin Sparks is the next American Idol.

    Taylor Hicks opens Lingerie shop. 😉

    John Mayer and Jessica Simpson re-hook-up.

    Gray Charles becomes Del McKroury’s manager.

    and, there’s something about Shrek…getting clearer…

  5. Oh Music Maven some much needed Monday laughter…or was it?

    We will only know once the plastic has been pulled off of tomorrow.

    Lingerie…teehee…You kill me.

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