Friday Bakery Special



9 thoughts on “Friday Bakery Special

  1. Geez. You could work in advertising! Was this taken with the new lens? We haven’t heard much about the new toy lately.

    I’m a carb girl, so I’m gaining weight just looking at this photo.

  2. Mmmmmm, bread…..must have….bread….substance of life….bread.

    Love it, Shrew. Are those chocolate chips I spy on the right?

    Like brc said, you should be in advertising….perhaps you should photograph some Cealis? 🙂

  3. I was in Paris my first day and this was my first boulangerie. I am glad you can’t see the tear on the view finder. And yes those were chocolaty morsels of heaven…what you don’t see is the pistachio éclair that I bought and scoffed with une café.

    My new lens…worked reasonably well on Mamma’s Day, however my family is VERY camera shy…so it is hard to focus when you are chasing them all over the place.

    MM – cealis…HA! It has been so long I wouldn’t know one if I fell over one.

  4. Doesn’t it give you satisfaction to take such a beautiful shot like this and to be able to say… Nope. I didn’t Photoshop it!!

  5. But until I play with it in photoshop I won’t know the full potential of this shop. Want a real shock…my art director buddy said “This just doesn’t do it for me.” What can I say?

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