Guess The Location – Court-ing

Here is a new feature…
I have traveled to some interesting place and many not-so-interesting places, all of which I have documented through the view finder. Once in a while I will post an image and ask if you can identify the location where I took it. No prizes, but perhaps we shall have great fun.

Good luck, here is today’s picture.


16 thoughts on “Guess The Location – Court-ing

  1. Great guess as the young randy gent above does look french, however he is not. I did a bit of research and their is not even a French influence on the artisen who created this work.

  2. Right Island…wrong place. Infact,I believe the architech’s nationalist pride would be wounded. This is part of a fountain that was erected in the mid-19th century, the characters were designed to reflect the time in which this particular residence was the center of a certain woman’s life.

  3. I’m guessing that was in my closet. No? You sure?

    Because I could’ve sworn this was what made me jump out of my skin early this morning when I went to grab a sweater.

  4. A sweater would be appropriate…in fact I think I was wearing a sweater when I took this image in Aug. 2004.

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