A Study in 50mm

I played and played14.jpg13.jpg12.jpg11.jpg10.jpg9.jpg8.jpg7.jpg6.jpg5.jpg4.jpg3.jpg2.jpg1.jpg

I went oustside…unfortunately it was dark…nighttime-dogwood.jpg

but not too dark to capture this…

and my lovely little guy…beautiful-beau.jpg

With Mother’s Day on Sunday and dinner plans the new lens will get a real work out!


3 thoughts on “A Study in 50mm

  1. Looks like you’re going to have a lot of fun. In the monkey photos… what did you change from photo to photo. It’s amazing how different they each look.

    I think Beau likes the new lens!

  2. Would love a “steady” on the Dogwood. Try again tomorrow with a little more light.

    Beau’s like…”Let’s go kick that dog next door’s ass, lady that feeds me.”

  3. Brc I just kanoodled the shutter speed to get a barrel full of monkey images with slight variables.

    MM – It really was the combination of too dark and Beau pulling on my shooting arm. It’s images like that one that I wish I had photoshop to see what I could pull out of the file. Ah well…add another thing to the wish/christmas/mysisterislaughingherassoffatmyaudacitytoaskforallthisexpensiveshit list.

    As for Beau…
    1. He knows Mommy’s name (and probably is more like “crazy lady who man handles my poo)
    2. Don’t worry about that so called dog next door. I have it on good authority that Beau poots in his face when he is took close if you catch my drift.

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