While I play with my new lens…



6 thoughts on “While I play with my new lens…

  1. Oh nevermind, I’ll just say it. It reminds me of “Night of the Living Dead.”

    There. I’ve said it. I’m sorry. It doesn’t mean I don’t like the photo. That’s just what it makes me think of.

    I assume this was something related to “Dia de los Muertos.”

  2. I’m thinking of Nightmare Before Christmas!

    I do like the movement of this shot though. The angle makes them look as if they are truly on parade.

  3. Hey brc isn’t the mark of a great marketer to gage what the public wants and deliver to meet the demand?

    Jenfera that is how they struck me when I saw them. How could you buy just one?

  4. Woohoo New Orleans Flea Market, babay!!! Never know what you’ll find. These “gems” bring back memories. I LERVE IT!

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