7 thoughts on “633

  1. Ok, now you’re just taunting me with your creativity. I would love to hang this and the Russian dolls photos side-by-side in my office. The bright colors and abstractness would complement each other nicely.

    This one is almost more abstract that that one… the Russian dolls was very orderly and this one is the opposite… with the ducks turned every which way. I love that you can see the numbers on the bottom of some of them. It has a surreal quality that is almost creepy… in a horror movie kind of way (does that make any sense?). Maybe it’s the eyes?

  2. My OCD-ness is very disturbed by this photo. I want to reach in and turn them all right side up and line them up beak first.

    Love the colors.

  3. MM… you’re revealing all your vulnerabilities. First we learn that you’re all fangirly about HC Jr. Now we find that you have OCD tendencies. Veeeerrry interesting.

    Oh, and I LOVE that they’re all topsy-turvy!

  4. Lest you forget, I have made MM sick to her stomach with more than one of my images. My take on it….she is deeply moved and it is high praise…yep…that is what I am hearing!

  5. So, did you win the duck race?

    Hey, I saw your entry in Pioneer Woman’s contest today! Good one! Good luck! I haven’t come up with anything sufficiently witty yet.

  6. This duck race was a fight Asthma event for mostly todlers. Actually, I had no idea this event was even happening in my town. I was sitting on the couch with Beau, we had the windows open and heard the loud speaker. I grabbed his leash and my camera and ran to our local park, Mindowanaskin (say that five times fast) and caught the “tail end” of this.

    Race was over prises were awarded and duckies were piled up.

    Yes, jenfera…pioneer woman’s site is awesome. Great recommend. if you have not visited it…you should!

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