Westfield Family



5 thoughts on “Westfield Family

  1. Well, I actually live in West Springfield, but close to the Westfield line. I work & shop in Westfield, and my stepdaughters go/went to high school in Westfield.

    Westfield, MA is a mix of everything. There are some very nice affluent suburb areas, a slightly run down downtown area, and even a little farming. There’s also industry. The company I work for employs about 500 people here. There’s a nice state college here, where I graduated, plus one Starbucks and at least 6 Dunkin Donuts.

  2. Westfield, MA sounds more cutting edge than Westfield NJ. When you cross the town border you are given a jar of Mayonase. But before you think I am busting on Westfield…I will say I love it.

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