Variation – Alibaster Love



4 thoughts on “Variation – Alibaster Love

  1. It’s amazing how pulling out just a little with the camera can make such a difference. I feel much more emotion looking at the “variation” you posted. Maybe it’s the curve of her arm or the way her head is bent backwards? Seeing his fingers on her face and her hand in his hair? The first photo is beautiful, but this one connected with me more emotionally.

  2. I agree. I like the photo pulled back. The bottom figure kind of freaks me out as it looks real. Also, I think the detail of the hair is awesome in the pulled back photo.

  3. Funny…I intended this to be the original post. I just wanted to see if distance did make a difference. I agree with both of you that the detail of complete information by being further back provides a more poingnent view.


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