NOLA Clarinet



6 thoughts on “NOLA Clarinet

  1. Ok seriously. I am in awe of your artistry. I think I’m going to have fun here. What’s so interesting to me about the few shots I’ve looked at so far is that you have a way of capturing reality in a sort of abstract way. One piece of the bike, part of the sign, part of the musician… it all kind of works together to tell a story. I also really like the depth here. The clarinet so prominent in the foreground and the sign very subtle in the background.

    Shrew (you don’t mind if I call you Shrew do you?) you have officially motivated me to take the photography lessons that my husband has been wanting me to take.

    I am in a very good mood now!

  2. Wow, brc. I am so glad you are inspired. I must admit that I am not nearly as brilliant as you suspect…wordpress cropped the photo on the main page. If you click on it the full piece is there…and my brilliance is deminished.

    BUT don’t let that stop you from taking that class your husband has offered…and since he is in the mood to patronize the arts…would he mind sending yet another fledgling photographer?

  3. Alright then. The full shot does give me a different feel (doesn’t diminish my admiration). It’s not as abstract, but I still love it. The reflection in his glasses is more apparent in the full picture which is cool. And my comments about the depth still hold.

    Do you do this for a living or is it a hobby (photography that is, not the blog)? Do you have any formal training or did you teach yourself?

  4. *I blush* It is a hobby. No formal training either…I was given a digital camera in 2001 and ran with it. I have since upgraded and take literally thousands of pictures a month, most of which are ripe for the delete feature. I am hoping to hone my skills to make the transition to semi-pro soon though. So, brc keep these comments coming…the analysis and the encouragement are really what the doctor ordered.

  5. Hi shrew,
    also love your work..

    are you based in NOLA? one of my favorite places in the world! (me, and the rest of the world!)

    don’t see a button to send you a message, nor do i see an email, so while this is off-topic slightly, did you see my reply to your question on dd’s mm site?

    look at the last comment posted #22..

    btw, you say that it’s just a hobby.. i’m curious, since i don’t see a bio anywhere, what’s your ‘real’ job?

    take care, and keep those beautiful images coming to us.. a breath of fresh air to us fellow gc and th fans…

  6. I like the full shot myself and though it might not be abstract in the manner that the site made it, I prefer the story that the full shot relates. The tilt of his head mirrors the tilt of his instrument which speaks to the harmony between the two. The refection des not give a clear view of his eyes, which in most pictures is a shame since the soul is more easily viewed through them, however, in this shot it makes them appear closed, which they may or may not have been, in a way that makes him appear truly alone with his music, unconscious of what is going on around him.

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