Edinburgh At Night – Scotland 2005



5 thoughts on “Edinburgh At Night – Scotland 2005

  1. hey — I recognize this! Nice picture. The castle is purty at night. I did not know that you had been to Scotland! You should go again and say hey to rowan.

  2. I am holding out for MonkBot International ’08. My Grandma grew up on Princess Street so I went to see “the homeland”.

    Thanks for visiting, please come back soon!

  3. I was actually using a stone wall and an extreme (700) zoom lens. I have the canon rebel, aka known as my baby. I haven’t even figured out all I can do with it…I was never a film photographer so I am starting from scratch. I am still in the very expensive point and shoot phase. I am hoping this Photoblog will spur me on to over come my fear of apature speeds and such.

    I must say if you have never been Scotland is stunning and the people are so gracious and talkative. I had a ball. Do go!

  4. Okay, that is a loooong lens. Everything I know about photography, I learned back in the 35mm days. I am hungering for a good DSLR, but have other “toys” on the list too. So it will be a bit of a wait for me.

    But I’ve always loved photography, so it’s not that far down the list.

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